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custom colors, keymaps, and templates for ruby mine
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Ruby Mine Settings


This is a git repo of the custom color, keymap, and template files that we use in RubyMine.


To install you need to navigate into your existing directory. Since git doesn't let you clone into an existing directory you need to init a repo and add as a remote origin as shown below.

cd ~/Library/Preferences/RubyMine30
git init
git remote add origin git://
git fetch
git branch master origin/master
git checkout master
git submodule init
git submodule update

Then relaunch RubyMine. Open the Preferences panel and select External Tools. Click on JSLint and within the Edit Tool dialog box, switch the path on the Working directory input field to your HOME path for your machine.

Every now and then it will be necessary to update some of the submodules. To do this, run the following from the command line:

bash update


Less Vibrant Ink - a slightly more pastel version of the Vibrant Ink Textmate theme
colorblind - think rainbows and unicorns with a warm fuzzy
snowblind - think rainbows and unicorns with a warm fuzzy, only in white
bloodshot - muted version of colorblind
cataracts - pastel on grey

Most themes use the custom MesloGM font which needs to be installed.


Textmate for Realz - adds missing commands not found in the standard keymap provided with RM
MK - basically the default scheme with some altered shortcuts for code completion
Pivotal - based on the key bindings run by Pivots
VIM - if you have to use RubyMine, might as well roll it vim style


Shoulda - context template for shoulda


Factory - the standard indent settings here at factory.

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