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A simple app to help your out-of-your-desktop-or-laptop self to remind stuff to your future in-your-desktop-or-laptop self.

The idea is that you execute Recordium in your desktop computer or in your laptop, and it will remain there as a small icon.

Later, anytime, you are on the road or away, and remind something you should do in the future. At that moment you send a Telegram text or audio to your Recordium Bot. And when you come back to your computer (where you can take proper actions for the reminder), the Recordium icon will be light up, and you see that message there.

Step by step instructions

  • Set up Recordium (provisional instructions, in the future this should be packaged):

    git clone
    cd recordium

    If you have Ubuntu or Debian, just install the dependencies and run the project doing:

    cat dependencies.txt | sudo xargs apt-get install -y

    Otherwise, you will find in dependencies.txt what is needed at system level (and if you're not using fades and dealing with your virtualenv manually, check also requirements.txt).

  • Create a telegram bot

    • Open your telegram client
    • Talk to BotFather
    • Use the /newbot command to create a new bot. The BotFather will ask you for a name and username, then generate an authorization token for your new bot.
    • For better detailed instructions, see here.
  • Configure Recordium properly

    • Click on the Recordium icon, select "Configure"
    • Put the bot auth token there

After creating new bot you can set an image to it. For this, type the command /setuserpic to BotFather. It will ask you to select which of your bots you want to edit and after the selection it will ask you to send a picture.

If you want to use Recordium logo for this, download it from here and send it to BotFather.


  • Wait, couldn't you almost solve this using other propietary and/or more complex tools? Probably yes, but I didn't want more complex stuff (and no way using Google for this). Also, and it's the most important reason: I wanted a toy project for using PyQt 5 under Python 3.
  • Is there a way to debug what it does? When running bin/recordium see that it tells you where logs are kept. Also, you can do bin/recordium -v and see it all in the terminal.