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@fadden fadden released this Sep 9, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

IMPORTANT: this is a snapshot of code under development. It's likely to have bugs. We recommend using the latest official release, below.
NOTE: the project file format has changed slightly. Projects written by this release can be opened by older versions, but formatting on string operands will be lost.
NOTE: script extension plugin behavior was changed. Pre-v1.3 plugins will not work with this release.

Changes since last official release:

  • Added local variables. These are redefinable symbols that can be used for zero-page and stack-relative operands.
  • Rewrote the Edit Instruction Operand dialog to make the "shortcuts" less obscure.
  • Added support for multiple character encodings.
    • Added C64 PETSCII and screen codes.
    • Various parts of the UI updated to allow the encoding to be specified.
    • Updated the string scanners to work with different encodings, and include control characters as valid string data (e.g. CR/LF).
    • Updated the assembly source generators to output appropriate code.
    • Made string and character operand delimiters configurable, so you can tell at a glance how something is encoded.
  • Added partial support for ACME cross-assembler.
  • Changed handling of BRK to treat it as a single-byte instruction with no operand. (Most assemblers expect this.)
  • Added support for Apple /// SOS MLI calls, which use BRK instructions with inline data.
  • Updated cc65 output for v2.18. Improved 64tass output.
  • Various minor UI fixes.

For installation instructions, see the notes for the most recent official release.

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