A kernelless filesystem.
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The Kernelless Filesystem (KFS) is a small library that allows you to create filesystems in user space. KFS differs
from libraries that provide similar functionality in that it does not require any kernel extensions to be
installed in order to operate.

The library runs in userspace and allows applications to create new types of filesystems and mount them directly in
userspace. It uses existing functionality that ships with the OS kernel in order to do this.

Currently, KFS runs on Mac OS X 10.5+. It is backed by kernel support for NFS. It runs an NFS3 server in order to
create filesystems. The KFS library does not create any new processes. It runs entirely within the host process, and
creates a new thread in order to handle filesystem requests. It only spawns one thread to handle filesystem requests,
so it does not support asynchronous filesystem designs. That is, if you have two read requests they will be queued and
the second will not begin until the first completes.

KFS uses CoreFoundation lightly, but otherwise could easily be ported to other platforms.