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Consume Calameo API easily
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Consume Calameo API easily


To install, run:

npm install calameo-node-sdk --save


now in your own code you can use it with require('calameo-node-sdk')


sdk require to be instantiated wtih at least your apikey and private (secret key)

you can also add any default parameter you want

for e.g :

var calameoSdk = new CalameoSdk({
	apikey: 'your api key',
	secret: 'your private (secret) key',
	output: 'json'

Example request

// add a drm single to a subscriber
	login: 'subscriber login',
	subscription_id: 'id of the subscription',
	book_id: 'book code',
	callback: function (response) {
	    // do what you need with the response
	    var resp = response.body.response;
	    if (resp && resp.status === 'error')
	    	throw new Error(resp.error.message);


Full API documentation

you can find the full API reference at

Available methods and their required arguments

// accounts
getAccountInfos: {},
fetchAccountSubscriptions: {},
fetchAccountBooks: {},
fetchAccountSubscribers: {},

// subscriptions
getSubscriptionInfos: {required: ['subscription_id'] },
fetchSubscriptionBooks: {required: ['subscription_id'] },
fetchSubscriptionSubscribers: {required: ['subscription_id']},

// publications
getBookInfos: {required: ['book_id']},
activateBook: {required: ['book_id']},
deactivateBook: {required: ['book_id']},
updateBook: {required: ['book_id']},
deleteBook: {required: ['book_id']},
fetchBookTocs: {required: ['book_id']},
fetchBookComments: {required: ['book_id']},
renewBookPrivateUrl: {required: ['book_id']},

// publishing
publish: {required: ['subscription_id', 'file'], endpoint: ''},
publishFromUrl: {required: ['subscription_id', 'url'],  endpoint: ''},
publishFromText: {required: ['subscription_id', 'text'],  endpoint: ''},
revise: {required: ['book_id', 'file'], endpoint: ''},
reviseFromUrl: {required: ['book_id', 'url', 'subscription_id'],  endpoint: ''},
reviseFromText: {required: ['book_id', 'text', 'subscription_id'],  endpoint: ''},

// subscribers
getSubscriberInfos: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
activateSubscriber: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
deactivateSubscriber: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
addSubscriber: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
updateSubscriber: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
deleteSubscriber: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
fetchSubscriberBooks: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
authSubscriberSession: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
checkSubscriberSession: {required: ['session_id']},
deleteSubscriberSession: {required: ['session_id']},

// drm
fetchSubscriberDRMSingles: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
fetchSubscriberDRMPeriods: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
fetchSubscriberDRMSeries: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']},
addSubscriberDRMSingle: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login', 'book_id']},
addSubscriberDRMPeriod: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login', 'from', 'to']},
addSubscriberDRMSerie: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login', 'from', 'books']},
updateSubscriberDRMPeriod: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login', 'period_id', 'from', 'to']},
updateSubscriberDRMSerie: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login', 'serie_id', 'from', 'books']},
deleteSubscriberDRMSingle: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login', 'book_id']},
deleteSubscriberDRMPeriod: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login', 'period_id']},
deleteSubscriberDRMSerie: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login', 'serie_id']},
clearSubscriberDRMs: {required: ['subscription_id', 'login']}
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