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Cities made from Twitter!

Please allow a minute or more once the app starts for it to download all the content, depending on your internet connection speed. It logs information about download progress to the terminal, but I don't have it displaying in the main window yet. After the first successful run, it should start much faster as it loads data from the local cache.


Drag mouse = spin camera Control or Command + Drag mouse = move camera Double click = reset camera / = Toggle search box d = Toggle debug mode


Currently, you can search for someone's twitter username, and the camera will move to their location if they are in the current city. Only exact twitter screen names currently work for searching, although they are case insensitive and can contain leading or trailing whitespace. The search field will turn red if there is no exact match.

Explanation of Folder Layout

  • data
    • rootUser.txt - Must contain your Twitter numeric ID. Use a tool like this to find it.
    • credentials.txt - Config file containing newline-delimited consumer key, consumer secret, OAuth access token, and OAuth access token secret.
  • cache - The application will store avatar images and twitter API responses here. This is generated by the application after a successful first run.
    • avatars - Cached avatar images
    • followingIds - Cached response for users that are followed by another user.
    • users - Cached users.

Currently, the cache will never expire. If you want to force the list of people in each city to refresh, delete the cache/followingIds folder. If you want to force user data (user's names/follower counts) to update, delete the cache/users folder. If you want to force avatars to update, delete the cache/avatars folder.


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