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Version 2.0

Created by Nash Muhandes

Currently for Windows only

You can reach me on the ZDoom and DRDTeam forums. But I'm more active on the ZDoom forums.

Get the latest version of this project template at:

ZDoom forum thread:

Youtube video tutorial:

======================================== PERMISSIONS

You are free to use this project template for anything you can think of. No need to ask for my permission, although a mention in the credits would be nice! And definitely tell me about your projects, I am always looking forward to see what people come up with in ZDoom!

======================================== WHAT'S NEW?

15/06/2014 (version 2.0)

  • Removed KSSC dependency and replaced it with ZSDF.
  • Minor tweaks here and there to make use of new ZDoom features (long file names, named scripts, etc).

13/02/2010 (version 1.0)

  • First release.

======================================== PREREQUISITES

These tools MUST be installed or compile will fail!

Name: ACC 1.54 (or later)

Description: The standard ACC compiler for ZDoom.


Name: Latest ACC headers

Description: Overwrite ACC 1.54's headers with the latest copies from the following GitHub repository. You only need to download the *.acs files.


Name: FBInserter

Description: Inserts compiled ACS objects into map WADs.


Name: 7-Zip

Description: A compression utility with command line support.


Please read instructions.txt for setup instructions.