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by Fador & Nredor and others

You can find the core team from #mineserver @ Also mail to will reach us.

Copyright (c) 2010, The Mineserver Project

Custom Minecraft Beta server software written in C++.

== NOTICE ==

Currently in (early) development. (Alpha stage) Server still lacks some features and should be only used for testing.

Tested to build on

  • Windows (VS2010 and VS2008 projects included)
  • Linux (Makefile included)
  • Mac OS X
  • FreeBSD / PCBSD

We are trying to minimize memory and CPU usage compared to original Java server.

Features (Some features are currently not operational because of major code rewrite)

  • Various chat commands, more to come..
  • NBT parsing/saving
  • Lightmap generation
  • Config file
  • Normal mining/item spawning/item pickups
  • Basic physics for gravel and sand
  • Experimental physics for water
  • Flatland map generation
  • Working chests, furnaces & signs
  • Terrain map generation with caves and minerals

ToDo is located at

Chat commands can be found at wiki or by typing /help within the client's chat

Compiling (Better instructions in wiki)

Depends on (and tested with):

zlib 1.2.5 libevent 1.4.14b libnoise 1.0 ncurses/pdcurses

  • Installing on Debian and Ubuntu: (For Ubuntu libevent1 -> libevent-1.4-2)

    sudo apt-get install ncurses5 ncurses5-dev libevent1 libevent-dev zlib1g zlib1g-dev libnoise-dev

  • Installing on CentOS and RHEL

    # Install EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) sudo su -c 'rpm -Uvh' sudo yum install git libevent libevent-devel zlib zlib-devel libnoise-dev

  • Installing on FreeBSD / PCBSD

    sudo pkg_add -r libevent

  • Installing on Mac OS X

    • Install libevent using your favourite tool, e.g., homebrew, fink or macports.
    • Installing libnoise can be painful. Howerver, there is a homebrew formular on krono's homebrew fork.

    So for homebrew do

    brew install libevent libnoise

Compiling using linux (make & gcc):

  • Download and extract source or use git clone git://
  • Go to mineserver directory
  • Run make all install for Debian/Ubuntu
  • Run server with cd bin && ./mineserver

Compiling using FreeBSD / PCBSD (gmake & g++):

  • Download and extract source or use git clone git://
  • Go to mineserver directory
  • Run gmake all install
  • Run server with cd bin && ./mineserver

Compiling using windows (VS2010/VS2008):

  • Download and compile zlib or use pre-built binaries
  • Add zlib libraries to project (zlibstat.lib or zlibwapi.lib which requires also zlibwapi.dll in the same dir with the executable)
  • Download and compile libevent
  • Download libnoise 1.0 and add header/library files to project
  • Add libevent library to project (libevent.lib)
  • Build
  • Run mineserver.exe

    An example using commandline compiler available at Please change the ZLIB_INC_DIR, LIBEVENT_INC_DIR, ZLIB_LIB_DIR and LIBEVENT_LIB_DIR to those you keep the includes/libs.

    call "%VS100COMNTOOLS%vsvars32.bat" cl /I"ZLIB_INC_DIR;LIBEVENT_INC_DIR" /W3 /WX- /O2 /D ZLIB_WINAPI /D WIN32 /D NDEBUG /D _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS /EHsc *.cpp zlibwapi.lib libevent.lib Ws2_32.lib /link /OUT:mineserver.exe /LIBPATH:"ZLIB_LIB_DIR;LIBEVENT_LIB_DIR"

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