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-Please see - all new
-development will take place there. Thank you!
-*NOTE:* MS1 is still more functional than MS2. Current MS1 should work with latest Minecraft client.
-Submit bugs to GitHub Issues.
# Mineserver
*by Fador & Nredor and others*
You can find the core team from #mineserver @
Also mail to will reach us.
- Copyright (c) 2010-2011, The Mineserver Project
+ Copyright (c) 2010-2012, The Mineserver Project
Custom Minecraft server software written in C++.
-Currently in development.
-Server still lacks some features and might have some serious bugs.
+Server still lacks features compared to original minecraft server.
-**Tested to build on**
+**Supported platforms**
- * Windows (VS2010 and VS2008 projects included)
+ * Windows (VS2010 project included)
* Linux
- * (Mac OS X)
- * (FreeBSD / PCBSD)
+Server has also been tested to build on Mac OS X and FreeBSD/PCBSD but we do not officially support those.
We are trying to minimize memory and CPU usage compared to original Java server.
@@ -43,6 +35,9 @@ C++ compiler. MS Visual C++ 10 and GCC 4.4 should be sufficient. The build syste
* Flatland and terrain map generation (Also biomegen!)
* Working chests, furnaces & signs
+### Current bugs
+ * Lightning bug that causes clients massive CPU usage
### Configuration Notes
All runtime configuration of mineserver begins with the *config file*. This file is searched for in the following order:
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