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LazyBoy Object Modeller

Oh my word... What have you done?

My experiments into what it takes to create a object mapper for Couchdb. This has been something I've been thinking about for a while and whether its a viable option.

Currently its purely fun research. I've been reading through mongoose and couch-ar as imspiration.

#How do I use this thing?

Below is a quick cheatsheet but the docs can be found http://garrensmith.com/LazyBoy

Defining a model

var Model = require('LazyBoy');

Model.define('User', {
  name: String
  surname: {type: String, default: "Rambo"}

Creating and saving a model

var user = Model.create('User', {name: "John", surname: "Rambo"});

user.save(function (err, saved_user) {
    // .. do some other stuff here

Finding a model

Finding by Id

var user_id = "123456";

var User = Model('User');
User.find(user_id, function (err, user) {
    // .. do something with the user

Find all

Will return an array of all documents that fit the criteria

var User = Model('User');
User.all(function (err, users) {
    // .. do something with the user

Find by criteria

Will return an array of all documents that fit the criteria

var User = Model('User');
User.where(name,"Ben", function (err, users) {
    // .. do something with the user


To see in detail what is happening the logging can be turned on. This can be done by


LazyBoy uses Coloured logger under the covers and uses the same log levels

#What needs doing?

  • Should we allow custom ID's?
  • Better Type casting
  • Validations

#Changelog 11 Nov 2011 - Added Validations using node-validator 13 Sep 2011 - Add Id to serialised model 11 Sep 2011 - Add Before And After Remove Callbacks (Donnie Hedin) 17 Aug 2011 - Add support for custom methods


  • Donnie Hedin (sofa420)
  • 8bitDesigner