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brunch is lightweight client side framework on top of backbone, eco and stylus using coffee-script

How to Install

you can get brunch using the node package manager (npm 1.0+)

npm install brunch -g

Getting Started

Create a new project by

brunch new

Then you can start the file watcher. It will compile your .coffee, .styl and .eco files on the fly after every change so you don't have to do it manually.

brunch watch

Open brunch/index.html and see you first running brunch application


for more information ckeck out

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Instead of reinventing the wheel, brunch assembles awesome wheels.


Install dependencies to node_modules directory

cake setup

Install brunch in your local npm repository

cake install

Watch coffeescript files and continously compile them via

cake watch

and run test suite via

cake test


Feel free to contact us at Freenode #brunch in the IRC client of your choice.

Future plans

  • add phonegap support