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Commits on Oct 22, 2011
  1. @indexzero

    [dist] Version bump. 0.7.2

    indexzero committed
  2. @indexzero
  3. @medikoo @indexzero

    Make sure all data is streamed before we try to parse it.

    medikoo committed with indexzero
    It may happen that JSON string is split into more than one packet, in such case script was trying to parse just portion of received data and failed with parse error.
  4. @indexzero
  5. @indexzero
  6. @mmalecki @indexzero

    [test] Test `checkProcess`

    mmalecki committed with indexzero
  7. @mmalecki @indexzero
  8. @mmalecki @indexzero

    [fix] Use `process.kill` to check if process is alive

    mmalecki committed with indexzero
    Old solution spawned `ps <pid> | grep -v PID` to perform this check.
Commits on Oct 9, 2011
  1. @indexzero

    [dist] Verion bump. 0.7.1

    indexzero committed
  2. @indexzero
  3. @indexzero

    [dist] Version bump. 0.7.0

    indexzero committed
  4. @indexzero

    [dist] Updated

    indexzero committed
  5. @indexzero
  6. @indexzero
  7. @indexzero
  8. @indexzero

    [api test] Added `forever logs` CLI commands and `forever.tail()` met…

    indexzero committed
    …hod with appropriate tests. Fixes #123, #93
  9. @indexzero

    [minor] Minor whitespace fix

    indexzero committed
  10. @indexzero
  11. @indexzero
  12. @indexzero

    [doc] Updated

    indexzero committed
  13. @indexzero
  14. @indexzero
  15. @indexzero
  16. @indexzero

    [minor] Update file headers

    indexzero committed
  17. @indexzero
  18. @indexzero

    [dist] Update for JSHint

    indexzero committed
  19. @indexzero
  20. @dominictarr @indexzero
  21. @indexzero
  22. @indexzero
  23. @indexzero
  24. @bmeck @indexzero

    [fix] forgot to add adapters

    bmeck committed with indexzero
  25. @bmeck @indexzero
  26. @bmeck @indexzero
  27. @bmeck @indexzero
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