The sourcecode of the presentation I gave at QtDay Italy 2016 and Ubuntu Online Summit about developing convergent (i.e. that adapt UI, UX and input handling to the device they're being run on) apps for any device running Ubuntu
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Developing convergent apps on Ubuntu
QtDay Italy 2016 Presentation by Andrea Bernabei (a.k.a faenil)

Hi :)

This is the sourcecode for the presentation I gave at QtDay Italy 2016, 
and a few days later at the Ubuntu Online Summit 2016

The QML in this presentation was hacked together in a rush :)
Do not take the code style or the hacks I used in this presentation
as good practice. 
You've been warned :D

The presentation requires:
- Qt5.4 and its addon modules
- qt-qml-presentation-system, which is available as a git submodule
- Ubuntu Components 1.3, revision >= 1950, this is available at

====HOWTO: RUN=====
Once all the requirements are in place, just start the presentation with
qmlscene qtdaytalk.qml

If you have a high-dpi display, you might want to adjust the size of the 
Grid Unit (the device independent unit used by Ubuntu Components) using
GRID_UNIT_PX=16 qmlscene qtdaytalk.qml

This presentation includes livecoding examples.

Once you get to a "Livecoding!" slide, press L on your keyboard to 
open the livecoding view.

The text editor will be automatically filled with the code sample 
associated with the current slide. Click on the "Update Item" to 
trigger the creation of the dynamic item.

The code will be interpreted in realtime and the result will be shown
on the right side of the livecoding view.

When you're done playing with the code, just click outside of the 
text area to unfocus it, and then press L to hide the livecoding view
and go back to the slides :)