Realtime fastener factory blender extension that respects scene scale settings, ISO 225, 888. Forked from BoltFactory
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Add Mesh Fastener (Fastener Generator)

Blender Artists Forum Thread

How to install the easy, sustained worlddevelopment way:


Download gather and link utility by world developers:

cd $HOME; git clone
cd $HOME; git clone
mkdir $HOME/blender-addons-symlinks; cd $HOME/blender-addons-symlinks && ln -s ../add_mesh_fastener .
PATH_TO_BLENDER_RELEASE=~/blendercad ~/shell__blenderaddons_gather_and_link/

Enjoy. Especially handy for developers because all updates in the symbolically linked folders are reflected instantly. If a folder or symbolic link name changes just rerun the gather, link script as shown in the last command.

Differences FastenerFactory, BoltFactory

differences fork versus initial version