GCode generator, CAM (computer aided manufacturing) functionality for blender.
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https://github.com/vilemnovak/blendercam Thanks to our hero Vilem Novak for making blender engineers happy!

Download, update, library build, setup convenience script.

Note: It may be that the current blenderCAM addon is not yet compatible with the newest blender! It was compatible with the rc1 of 2.73. Important: Make sure that the link in the BLENDER_RELEASE_PATH points to blenderfiles/2.xy/ and not just to blenderfiles/.

Blender Addon Prerequisites:

Note: BlenderCAM tries to enable these automatically but it may fail.

  • Simplify Curves (curve_simplify).

"After first start everything should be set up. If you don't see CAM tabs on the right side, go to preferences-addons and enable the Simplify curves addon and CAM addon. Also, if Blender CAM tabs don't show, change Blender Render to Blender CAM [or print_3d] in the upper header." (Vilem Novak, BlenderCAM creator)



WARNING: DON'T USE YOUR ART BLENDER SETUP FOR THIS! DOWNLOAD ANOTHER ONE OR COPY THE EXISTING BLENDER FOLDER. (Because a new config is copied automatically to the blender in the folder blender-source. Better to be safe!)

Download script + dependency:

git clone https://github.com/faerietree/shell__coexist_python_version.git
git clone https://github.com/faerietree/shell__blendercam_convenience_script.git

OR (quicker)

git clone git@github.com:faerietree/shell__coexist_python_version.git
git clone git@github.com:faerietree/shell__blendercam_convenience_script.git

Download Blender of your choice:

http://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.73/ (for example)

Unpack into blender-source or create a symbolic link:

Note: Adapt blender version to the one you downloaded / copied.

ln -s ~/blender-2.73-linux-glibc211-x86_64/2.73 ~/blendercam


  • Make script executable (required only once):

      chmod +x /path/to/buildblendercam_on_linux.sh
  • Launch this convenience script:


    For example:

      BLENDER_RELEASE_PATH=~/blendercam ~/shell__blendercam_convenience_script/buildblendercam_on_linux.sh

    For testing use, if you know the downloads are intact/not broken:

      ~/shell__blendercam_convenience_script/buildblendercam_on_linux.sh --no-redownload

    Force rebuild of the matching python using:

      ~/shell__blendercam_convenience_script/buildblendercam_on_linux.sh --rebuild

    Expert mode:

      ~/path/to/buildblendercam_on_linux.sh --no-redownload --rebuild-python --install-missing-packages --aptitude --yaourt --package-manager-install-command='yum install'
  • Follow the progress of the script, it may need input (for package manager or library build or to remove downloaded files, use CTRL+C when asked for an administrator password if you don't trust, then you'll see that the removed files are just the downloaded ones.).