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About the FAForever Website


This is the repository for our main website

The Main Focus for what the primary purpose of the website is. The following was voted on at the FAForever Association general meeting as the 2 main purposes of the website.

  1. To Focus on Acquiring and On-boarding of new Player into FAForever (Registration of players, Documentation & Support)
  2. Promote The Community (Clans, Maps, Mods, Tournaments etc.)

Developing the Website / Setting up your local enviroment

If you want to setup your own local enviroment, there's a guide below.

For any PR/Pull Request, please make sure you detail in the comments on files/changes. Otherwise it might take longer for your change to be approved.

Other Ways to Contribute

We have a POEditor set up to help in translating the terms in to the native language. you can click that link a support the development by taking the time to work through the terms that get added to the site. Were not limited by how many languages we can support as long as someone wanted to put in the effort in doing the translation support.

As of March 2022 the main 4 Languages that are set up on POEditor are:

  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • German