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Web Platform Development 2

Coursework 2

Group X

Functionality implemented: Milestones can be created and stored in a database, Users can create accounts which are stored in a database, Milestones are displayed on a page and Milestones can be edited.

A Demonstration video is available here. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate functionality and to also act as some form of evidence of functionality, in the circumstances that the marker cannot run the program.

H2 Driver

During testing, the H2 driver was stored and sourced locally as can be seen here: alt text

If the program fails to find the H2 Driver when you try to run the system follow these instructions: alt text

H2 Driver Error

If the program fails to run giving a H2 driver error, try doing this unconvential fix - I couldnt figure out how to get it working other than doing this.

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