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1.2.2 2012-05-02
- Handle escape key correctly in Turtle Mode speed limit dialogs
1.2.1 2012-04-29
- Fix crash when enabling compact mode while focusing torrent at
1.2 2012-04-25
- Rewrite of manpage to eliminate warnings and conform to the man
macro package
- Allow filtering of private torrents in main list
- Don't reset focus/unfocus after deleting a torrent
1.1.1 2012-04-02
- ACS characters in pieces view look better but are extremely slow in
some terminals (rxvt)
- Fix UnicodeEncodeError with t['lastAnnounceResult']
1.1 2012-02-29
- Crash when pressing up or down in empty torrent list
- Append missing '/' to downloadDir to fix sorting by location
- Set individual torrent's seed limit as float, not integer
- Encode tracker errors as UTF-8
- New keybindings:
- g/G Move to top/bottom
- C-f/b Move one page forward/backward
- C-n/p Move to next/previous item
- Space View torrent details
- New options in config dialog ('o'):
- Turtle Mode Upload/Download Limit
- Torrent Title is Progress Bar
- Replace upload rate with seed ratio in compact mode.
- Show sort order in status line
- Use ACS characters in pieces view
- More compact status line
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