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Replace upload rate with seed ratio in compact mode.

If a torrent's upload speed is currently zero, display the seed ratio
instead. This seems to be a good compromise between space conservation
in compact mode and availability of information, since the upload speed bar
would normally be empty when not uploading, thus being largely useless.
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1 parent a0d97e5 commit d468781d7c36b9417b12a4bfa57951cfce102b44 @Oddegamra Oddegamra committed
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@@ -1510,6 +1510,10 @@ def draw_torrentlist_item(self, torrent, focused, compact, y):
return 3 # number of lines that were used for drawing the list item
+ # Draw ratio in place of upload rate if upload rate = 0
+ if not torrent['rateUpload']:
+ self.draw_ratio(torrent, y - 1)
return 1
def draw_downloadrate(self, torrent, ypos):

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