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desc "deploy site to"
task :deploy do
require 'rubygems'
require 'highline/import'
require 'net/ssh'
branch = "master"
username = ask("Username: ") { |q| q.echo = true }
password = ask("Password: ") { |q| q.echo = "*" }
Net::SSH.start('', username, :password => password) do |ssh|
commands = <<EOF
cd ~/cached-copy
echo 'getting latest from github'
git checkout #{branch}
git pull origin #{branch}
git checkout -f
echo 'make sure _site is gone!'
rm -rf _site
echo 'jekylling it!'
jekyll --no-auto
echo 'moving latest site to a temp place'
mv _site ../_#{branch}
echo 'moving current site to a temp place'
mv ../www _old
echo 'getting latest on production'
mv ../_#{branch} ../www
echo 'getting a rid of old one'
rm -rf _old
commands = commands.gsub(/\n/, "; ")
ssh.exec commands