Apache Stanbol pre-configured for use with Drupal.
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Apache Stanbol for Drupal

Contains Apache Stanbol pre-configured for use with Drupal.


You can download the latest package here.


  1. Download the latest stanbol-for-drupal package and extract it.
  2. Run java -jar org.apache.stanbol.launchers.stable-0.10.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

That's it. After a few seconds your stanbol instance should be up and running. Access it via http://localhost:8080

What has been pre-configured?

This packages ships with a few config files that Apache Stanbol picks up automatically. That way, a "drupal" site is added to the entityhub which can be used to index Drupal's content in Stanbol. Next, the default enhancement chain has been pre-configured to link to Drupal's content also. This is done by an EntityHub-Linking engine that has been configured to use the Entithub site of Drupal and is added to the default enhancement chain.

Manual steps

If you prefer to set this up yourself on your existing instance of Stanbol, you can follow the manual steps.