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Droxit (DROpboX + gIT) is a tool for creating Git repositories quickly on your mac that is pushable to a remote in Dropbox.


Clone or download the Droxit repository first.

Make sure the file is executable:

$ chmod 0777 /path/to/

Link it to your /usr/local/bin

$ ln -s /path/to/ /usr/local/bin/droxit


If you want to create a new repository called test_repo, you can do the following:

$ droxit test_repo

This will create a git repository, as well as a bare git repository in your ~/Dropbox/git/test_repo.git/ directory. Your local git repository will also have a remote called dropbox that points to your newly created Dropbox directory.

This allows you to make any changes to your repository locally, and then push the commits like this:

$ git push dropbox master


Fahad Ibnay Heylaal