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A database agnostic adapter-based object relational mapper (ORM) targetting node.js and the browser.

Visit for documentation.

Key features

  • Database agnostic Adapter based architecture
  • Intituitive query builder
  • Migrations API (with rollback)
  • Highly extensible with Behavior pattern for Collections and Models
  • Promise based workflow
  • Strong and flexible validation system
  • CLI support
  • API for Transactions for supported adapters
  • Footprint of ~40kB minified file

The project is still under active development, and more features are expected to land in future releases.


With npm:

$ npm install --save firenze

Or Bower:

$ bower install --save firenze

Available adapters

Supports v0.2.x:

Available behaviors


Tests are written with mocha, and can be run via npm:

$ npm test


The project couldn't have happened if there weren't other projects to be inspired from. A big thanks goes to these open source projects that directly or indirectly helped make it possible:


MIT © Fahad Ibnay Heylaal