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FSharp FSI as a Service
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FSI as a service

This fork has the latest compiler drop from, FSharp.Compiler.dll is modified to include F# as a compiler service for normal F# projects. It also includes the modified FSharp.Core.dll that is required.

The modified dlls are placed in the bin directory and there is a sample showcasing the use of compiler services in the samples folder. This is a starter to have FSI like services inside an app. It can do three things now,

  • Compile code to DLL
  • Compile code to on-the-fly assembly and evaluate as an EXE
    • Note: This more requires a "script.fsx" to generate the main module for the script evaluation.
  • Host a FSI session

Building the compiler tools manually

  • cd src
  • msbuild fsharp-proto-build.proj /p:TargetFramework=cli\4.0
  • ngen install ..\Proto\cli\4.0\bin\fsc-proto.exe
  • msbuild fsharp-library-build.proj /p:TargetFramework=cli\4.0 /p:Configuration=Release
  • msbuild fsharp-compiler-build.proj /p:TargetFramework=cli\4.0 /p:Configuration=Release
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