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Web Backend IDE based on SpringBoot Data REST
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BFastIDE is a Backend as a service used to bake backend in a minutes! yes in a minutes.

Project aim to accelerate development cycle by make a developer to focus on user interface and all kind of animations.

Pre request

Knowledge on the following technology is require to edit and contribute to a project

  • Docker
  • Docker compose
  • Your PC
  • Internet connection

Get Started

You can install it to your local computer or remote server or any cloud provider

  • get your favorite terminal ether bash or powershell
  • install docker you can find documentation here Docker-CE
  • install docker-compose from Docker Website
  • Clone project git clone and cd BFastIDE
  • Open docker-compose.yml file
  • You can change this code snippets found in docker-compose.yml or leave it
# other configuration
    build: ./services/webRuntime/
    - "80:80" # replace ports with your own or leave it some docker knowledge required
    # - "443:443"
    restart: always
# other configuration
  • Another file you may want to change is nginx configuration file found in
  • cd services/webRuntime/nginx.conf and open it
// other codes

 listen 80;
    listen [::]:80;
    server_name  <YOUR_HOST_NAME OR DOMAIN>; # replace with your hostname

    #charset koi8-r;
    #access_log  /var/log/nginx/host.access.log  main;

// other codes
  • If everything is good then run for linux or deploy.bat for window
# for window

# for linux

BFast Project

BFast Project aim to address three issues

  • Database as a service (DaaS)

    Database configuration and access of data over REST API or by using a client SDK is a challenge to most developer from writing a proper queries and and api to access resores

  • Cloud functions/ Function as a Service (FaaS)

    Writing a custom functions for a specific business logics its not safe to write those functions to userside, for axamples payments logics

  • IDE as a Service which give user power to write all backend on a webpage!

    From install to download dependencies to build project to maintainer it and testing its hard and time consuming we need tool to automated all those jobs for us.

So BFastIDE aim to implement solutions to solve all those 3 issues and following is a milestone

Features State Comments
DaaS ( Main application ) Done Remain unit test and documentations
FaaS ( Cloud Function ) Partial Underdevelopment
IDE ( Web based IDE ) Partila' Underdevelopment
Documentations Not done User manual and technical documentations


Fork project make some contribution then create a pull request

Any questions

Don't hesitate to call

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