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Welcome to JSPraat

JSPraat is a work in progress. It aims to make some Praat features available via a web interface. Work has begun in providing a compatibility layer with Praat's TextGrid format.

Screenshot of TimeSyncedGrid

Screenshot of TimeSyncedGrid Demo

A List of Classes

  • JSPraat.TextGrid - A JS class for representing a single TextGrid. It has been tested on a small set of examples including interval tiers and point tiers. The constructor takes either a path to a .TextGrid file or takes the contents of a TextGrid file. See main.js for example usage.
  • JSPraat.TimeSyncedGrid - A TimeSyncedGrid displays exactly one WAV form time-synchronized to exactly one TextGrid below the WAV form.


  • jQuery
  • jQuery.mousewheel (2013 Brandon Aaron)
  • D3 v3


The following is an example of displaying a TimeSyncedGrid as an element in your webpage.

<div class='TSG-container' data-textgrid='path/to/your/textgrid.TextGrid' data-audio='path/to/your/audiofile.wav'></div>

<!-- put this anywhere at the end-->

This type of usage is great for talking about TextGrids in personal Blogs and Wikis.

You simply define a div with the class 'TSG-container'. You must provide 'data-textgrid' attribute and may optionally provide a 'data-audio' attribute. Then, anywhere in your JavaScript after your document has loaded call



The code is written and maintained by Syed Reza. The work done here takes place in the context of Reciprosody at the Speech Lab @ Queens College

The Speech Lab @ Queens College is run by Dr. Andrew Rosenberg.