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A small collection of some of my dotfiles and a script to aid the synchronization.

There is a setup script (setup.rb) which should setup everything I need on a new unconfigured machine. The setup script goes through the tree directory mapping each file to a target file on the current machine. The tree folder has two top level directories:

  • Tree
    • __HOME__ -- All files relative to $HOME, the user's home directory
    • __ROOT__ -- All files relative to ROOT

For every file in this tree, a symlink is created at the target location to the source file in the dotfiles repo. If a file is already at the target location, the script will make a crude backup of the file.


The setup script will create a hidden json file in $HOME to keep track of some meta data. It uses this file to keep track of which symlinks were created.

During synchronization broken symlinks from past syncs are removed.