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Ukulele Wednesdays Twitter Bot

What is it?

It is an automatic tweetbot for Ukulele Wednesdays (@ukewednesdays), which tweets a randomised song request. It was hacked together for Valentines Day 2018, the Love Boat Special, so only contains Love Songs, and romantic comments.

How do I run it?


To use the Twitter API, you will need to create an App, and grant it access to the User Account you wish to tweet with. This will result in you having 4 Twitter account credentials, as seen below.

Deployment Options

There are currently 2 ways to run the bot:

  • Upload the code as an AWS Lambda, and then trigger it as you wish (I configured the API Gateway to forward HTTP Requests).

  • Run, which was a bash script hastily written/stolen from StackOverflow about 5 mins before we started, to make tweeting entirely automatic from a local environment.


Requires the following Twitter secrets (see their docs for details) to be stored in a .env file in the root directory (or made available as Environment Variables through some other means):


Notes on code quality

Written in a few hours, most of which was trying to make API Gateway do CORS properly. There are no tests. Plenty of boilerplate is copy/pasted from docs. The code is of very questionable quality (globals, horrible function ordering, missing comments/explanations, bad comments, inconsistent formatting...) You get the picture. Disposable code is fun.

Things Learned

  • Having an infinite scrolling list of songs can be convenient, but a bit much. Either set the timings slower (~10 mins?), or be happy to ignore it quite a bit.
  • The action of deleting a tweet is not automatically pushed out to other accounts, so @UkeWednesdays was still seeing tweets on the screen that had been deleted.
  • Randomised suggestions are fun, but humans are better at picking things for the right mood. A future toy might help humans pick/make requests more easily, without being so prescriptive.


Written for the Love Boat Special, this bot autotweets love-themed song suggestions to @ukewednesdays.



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