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Fa-Hsuan Lin edited this page Jul 15, 2020 · 19 revisions

The repository of neuroimaging analysis tools

This repository includes tools for various neuroimaging applications in our lab at the University of Toronto and at Sunnybrook Research Institute . Goto the wiki page for examples of using these tools for various MRI/EEG/MEG analyses.

Examples include MRI signal simulation, MRI reconstruction, MEG/EEG processing, MRI rendering/exploration, invasive EEG (stereo-EEG, sEEG) modeling, MEG/EEG localization, fMRI experimental paradigm optimization, and causality modeling on neuroimaging data.

These examples rely on the following packages:

-anatomical MRI: FreeSurfer


-causality modeling using auto-regressive modeling: ARfit

Please let me know if there is any bug.