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Less than a year ago I released Pixel 0.7. In the announcement, I declared that I will no longer be working on Pixel so much and instead leave the big things to contributors.

I am very happy to announce that despite this, Pixel is thriving. And it's not thanks to me but thanks to the great community and new contributors.


  • Pixel 0.7 was released on Feb 20, 2018
  • Reached over 1600 stars
  • Closed 70 issues in total
  • Closed 49 pull request, the majority of which got merged

Changes / new features

There are two big changes in this release. The first one is boring, the second one is extremely exciting.

  1. Examples were moved to a separate pixel-examples repository as per #135, which shrunk the main repo from ~90MB to <1MB in size.
  2. pixelgl.Canvas got a support for custom fragment shaders. This is a huge and exciting change that happened thanks to @thegtproject. Thank you a lot for that!

Accompanying the shader support comes a new tutorial so you know how to use them.

This has been a great time for Pixel and I hope it continues to be. New contributors and users are always warmly welcomed. Just join the chat at https://gitter.im/pixellib/Lobby.