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# Fail2Ban configuration file
# Author: Michael Gebetsroither
# This is for blocking whole hosts through blackhole routes.
# PRO:
# - Works on all kernel versions and as no compatibility problems (back to debian lenny and WAY further).
# - It's FAST for very large numbers of blocked ips.
# - It's FAST because it Blocks traffic before it enters common iptables chains used for filtering.
# - It's per host, ideal as action against ssh password bruteforcing to block further attack attempts.
# - No additional software required beside iproute/iproute2
# CON:
# - Blocking is per IP and NOT per service, but ideal as action against ssh password bruteforcing hosts
actionban = ip route add <blocktype> <ip>
actionunban = ip route del <blocktype> <ip>
actioncheck =
actionstart =
actionstop =
# Option: blocktype
# Note: Type can be blackhole, unreachable and prohibit. Unreachable and prohibit correspond to the ICMP reject messages.
# Values: STRING
blocktype = unreachable