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# Fail2Ban action configuration file for ufw
# You are required to run "ufw enable" before this will have any effect.
# The insert position should be appropriate to block the required traffic.
# A number after an allow rule to the application won't be of much use.
actionstart =
actionstop =
actioncheck =
actionban = [ -n "<application>" ] && app="app <application>"
ufw insert <insertpos> <blocktype> from <ip> to <destination> $app
actionunban = [ -n "<application>" ] && app="app <application>"
ufw delete <blocktype> from <ip> to <destination> $app
# Option: insertpos
# Notes.: The position number in the firewall list to insert the block rule
insertpos = 1
# Option: blocktype
# Notes.: reject or deny
blocktype = reject
# Option: destination
# Notes.: The destination address to block in the ufw rule
destination = any
# Option: application
# Notes.: application from sudo ufw app list
application =
# Author: Guilhem Lettron
# Enhancements: Daniel Black
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