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# Fail2Ban apache-auth filter
# Read common prefixes. If any customizations available -- read them from
# apache-common.local
before = apache-common.conf
failregex = ^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH(01797|01630): )?client denied by server configuration: (uri )?\S*(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01617: )?user .*? authentication failure for "\S*": Password Mismatch(, referer: \S+)?$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01618: )?user .*? not found(: )?\S*(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01614: )?client used wrong authentication scheme: \S*(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH\d+: )?Authorization of user \S+ to access \S* failed, reason: .*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH0179[24]: )?(Digest: )?user .*?: password mismatch: \S*(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH0179[01]: |Digest: )user `.*?' in realm `.+' (not found|denied by provider): \S*(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01631: )?user .*?: authorization failure for "\S*":(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01775: )?(Digest: )?invalid nonce .* received - length is not \S+(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01788: )?(Digest: )?realm mismatch - got `.*?' but expected `.+'(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01789: )?(Digest: )?unknown algorithm `.*?' received: \S*(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01793: )?invalid qop `.*?' received: \S*(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01777: )?(Digest: )?invalid nonce .*? received - user attempted time travel(, referer: \S+)?\s*$
ignoreregex =
# DEV Notes:
# This filter matches the authorization failures of Apache. It takes the log messages
# from the modules in aaa that return HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED, HTTP_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED or
# An unauthorized response 401 is the first step for a browser to instigate authentication
# however apache doesn't log this as an error. Only subsequent errors are logged in the
# error log.
# Source:
# By searching the code in*
# for ap_log_rerror(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_ERR and examining resulting return code should get
# all of these expressions. Lots of submodules like mod_authz_* return back to mod_authz_core
# to return the actual failure.
# See also:
# Expressions that don't have tests and aren't common.
# more be added with
# ^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01778: )?user .*: nonce expired \([\d.]+ seconds old - max lifetime [\d.]+\) - sending new nonce\s*$
# ^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH01779: )?user .*: one-time-nonce mismatch - sending new nonce\s*$
# ^%(_apache_error_client)s (AH02486: )?realm mismatch - got `.*' but no realm specified\s*$
# referer is always in error log messages if it exists added as per the log_error_core function in server/log.c
# Author: Cyril Jaquier
# Major edits by Daniel Black