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BF: allow trailing whitespace in few missing it regexes for sshd.conf

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1 parent b257be4 commit 25f1e8d98c5a7af353b6d85d91a4b968a8425335 @yarikoptic yarikoptic committed Feb 11, 2012
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  1. +2 −2 config/filter.d/sshd.conf
@@ -25,10 +25,10 @@ _daemon = sshd
failregex = ^%(__prefix_line)s(?:error: PAM: )?Authentication failure for .* from <HOST>\s*$
^%(__prefix_line)s(?:error: PAM: )?User not known to the underlying authentication module for .* from <HOST>\s*$
- ^%(__prefix_line)sFailed (?:password|publickey) for .* from <HOST>(?: port \d*)?(?: ssh\d*)?$
+ ^%(__prefix_line)sFailed (?:password|publickey) for .* from <HOST>(?: port \d*)?(?: ssh\d*)?\s*$
^%(__prefix_line)sROOT LOGIN REFUSED.* FROM <HOST>\s*$
^%(__prefix_line)s[iI](?:llegal|nvalid) user .* from <HOST>\s*$
- ^%(__prefix_line)sUser .+ from <HOST> not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers$
+ ^%(__prefix_line)sUser .+ from <HOST> not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers\s*$
^%(__prefix_line)sauthentication failure; logname=\S* uid=\S* euid=\S* tty=\S* ruser=\S* rhost=<HOST>(?:\s+user=.*)?\s*$
^%(__prefix_line)srefused connect from \S+ \(<HOST>\)\s*$
^%(__prefix_line)sAddress <HOST> .* POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!*\s*$

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