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yarikoptic committed Jan 4, 2007
1 parent 36b1833 commit 85d8604209f27603620fe94b8aa0a8b1b9dde655
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@@ -4,36 +4,26 @@ fail2ban (0.7.6-1) unstable; urgency=low
non-released versions (which were suggested to the users to overcome
problems reported in bug reports). In particular attention should be paid
to upstream changelog entries
- Several "failregex" and "ignoreregex" are now accepted.
Creation of rules should be easier now.
This is an alternative solution to 'multiple <HOST>' entries fix,
- which is not applied to this shipped version - pay cautios if upgrading
+ which is not applied to this shipped version - pay caution if upgrading
from 0.7.5-3~pre?
- Allow comma in action options. The value of the option must
be escaped with " or '.
That allowed to implement requested ability to ban multiple ports
at once (See 373592). README.Debian and jail.conf adjusted to reflect
possible use of iptables-mport
- Now Fail2ban goes in /usr/share/fail2ban instead of
/usr/lib/fail2ban. This is more compliant with FHS.
Patch 00_share_insteadof_lib no longer applied
* Refactored installed by debian package jail.conf:
- Added option banaction which is to incorporate banning agent
(usually some flavor of iptables rule), which can then be easily
overriden globally or per section
- Multiple actions are defined as action_* to serve as shortcuts
* Initd script was modified to inform about present socket file which
would forbid fail2ban-server from starting
* Adjusted default log file for postfix to be /var/log/mail.log
(Closes: #404921)

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