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Failcake Recipes

What the hell?

So, my talk at DevOpsDays London, Devops in the Hell of a Thousand Different Platforms (video) (slides) contained an explanation of "failcake", our method for encouraging honesty and openness about failures which affected other people, which is basically:

  1. You stuff something up
  2. You own up to it, and provide cake for the affected parties
  3. A nice open discussion of it occurs, assisted by yummy cake

This seemed to strike a chord with the audience and there was a discussion about failcake recipes, if there was a github repo for them, as well as questions about my favourite flavours.

In the spirit of open source, I figured I'd actually try and do something about this, and so this repo will contain links and recipes for failcakes. Please fork it (oh the terrible puns) and add your favourites.

The recipes

In the talk, I named the chocolate orange cake, baked by one of our cycling devs, Joe Ray, and here is the recipe for it:

Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake