non-interactive system to install, customize and manage Linux systems
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This is FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) for Linux


FAI is a non-interactive system to install, customize and manage Linux
systems and software configurations on computers as well as virtual
machines and chroot environments, from small networks to large
infrastructures and clusters. It's a tool for mass unattended Linux
installation. You can take one or more virgin systems, turn on the
power, and after a few minutes, the systems are installed, and
completely configured to your exact needs, without any interaction
necessary. Thus it's a scalable method for deploying and updating a
Beowulf cluster or a network of workstations unattended with little
effort involved. FAI uses the Debian distribution and a collection of
shell and Perl scripts for the installation process. Changes to the
configuration files of the operating system are made by cfengine,
shell and Perl scripts.

The home page for FAI is

This release of FAI is tested with the Debian 9 release.

FAI is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General
Public License, version 2. For more information, see the file
COPYING. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, associated with
this product. Use at your own risk. Please read the file changelog for
changes in new versions of FAI. Comments, bug reports, fixes,
enhancements etc. are welcome. Send them to

Please fill out the questionnaire when you have finished a project
using FAI.
I'm looking for short success stories or reports, so new users
can see how others are using FAI in several types of environment.

There's also a mailing list for FAI available. Mails may be
written in english or german.

Checking out the FAI sources:

   git clone --recursive
   cd examples/simple
   git checkout master

This command will also clone a git submodule which includes the FAI
config space examples. If you have already checked out the git
repository in the past (before the submodule was added), you have to
issue these commands once:

cd <to you working directory>
git submodule init
git submodule update
cd examples/simple
git checkout master

now enjoy FAI and your saved time

Thomas Lange

My GPG Key is: 4096R/074BCDE4 B11E E327 3F6B 2DEB 528C  93DA 2BF8 D9FE 074B CDE4
Copyright (c) 1999-2018 Thomas Lange. All rights reserved.