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@thokon00 thokon00 released this Mar 14, 2018

FairCoin Core Wallet Version 2.0.1


  • 82d7475 fix testnet and regtest genesis blocks
  • be00406 fix FairCoin branding issue in ask passphrase dialogue
  • 5d34d38 add '-fc1walletupgrade' config option to force a wallet upgrade of an old FC1 wallet.dat
  • 4b76af7 add check to ensure that there are enough CVN entries in a CVN payload to continue the blockchain
  • eed7d77 fix bug when chain admin wanted to login with wrong PIN
    Better error message when something goes wrong during init of a Fasito
  • 528715a update 'About'-FairCoin logo in help menu
  • 45165f4 remove superseded check in CreateNewBlock()


Official binary downloads are available here:

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