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Checklist for CVN operators

Thomas König edited this page Sep 19, 2018 · 7 revisions

This checklist is meant for supporting CVN operators to make sure their setup meets all requirements for safe and permanent operation.

  • My system runs a recent version of a linux distribution and its packages are all up to date
  • My system provides enough resources (RAM/CPU) to process transactions and blocks and to quickly serve blocks to other peers
  • I run the latest FairCoin Core wallet software made available by the FairCoin developers
  • I have correctly configured NTP on my system and checked that the system clock is correct
  • I use a wired internet connection
  • I have physical access to the system and Fasito is plugged in to a USB port
  • I have placed the system in a safe location with stable (wired) internet and power connection
  • My system has enough hard drive space available to store the whole blockchain
  • TCP port 40404 of the system is open and reachable from the internet
  • I have instructed a trustworthy person to take care of the system in case I'm unavailable
  • If I live in an area with frequent power outages I've set up a UPS and connected the internet modem/router as well as the system to it
  • I do not run the wallet as the root user
  • If I know there will be an outage which brings my CVN offline I will inform the CVN Operators Group about the predicted time and duration
  • If I notice my CVN is not working I will inform the CVN Operators Group giving as much information as possible about the incident as well as an estimated time frame to resolving the problem.
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