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Version 3.0e

  • Add Private cluster 0xFC01 to manage some Legrand Netatmo stuff
  • Add Power configuration Cluster. Used by Ikea .
  • Add 0xFF02 Cluster. Used by Xiaomi devices for battery informations.
  • Add TimeServer functions (Set 0x0016 and Get 0x0017). You can give a datetime to ZiGate. Some device tell ZiGate to get datetime like some Xiaomi devices.
  • Fix UART control flow.
  • Fix Device announce from some devices. Ex : fix the Legrand Netatmo join sequence.
  • Update Device Timeout. 256 min to 16384 min. Limit Xiaomi devices lost. Not a fix but should be better. Not really tested in real condition.

Version 3.0d

Warning !!! you have to erase EEPROM or PDM. the memory structure must be regenerated.

Version 3.0c

  • Fix Attributes Data conversion uint32. Real and true value from consumption data device
  • Fix Get Xiaomi private data from cluster 0x0000 attributes 0xFF01 with specific manufacturer 0x115F

Version 3.0b

  • Up to 80 devices. 50 ZiGate's children and 30 others devices linked to routers
  • Add new command. 0x015 (Get Devices List) and 0x8015 for the response. More details on
  • Fix other minor bugs and enhancements

Version 3.0a

  • Change max number controled devices to 60
  • Fix some bugs

Version 3.0

  • Add Orvibo ZigBee material compatibility (Device 0x0A)
  • Add Pressure measurement management (Xiaomi aqara)
  • Add Analog input basic cluster management (Xiaomi aqara)
  • Add Multistate Input basic cluster management (Xiaomi aqara)
  • Add Quality Link on Input Message (To ZiGate) (see protocol section)
  • Configure default channel 11
  • Configure for JN5168-001-M05 (E_MODULE_JN5168_001_M05_ETSI) -- For Europe
  • Fix IAS management. Compatibility with old version
  • Fix multi-endpoint device compatibility (For example Cube magic Xiaomi)
  • Fix private cluster management
  • Fix some bugs and add debugs

Initial Version