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⚠️ For more security, please clone your actual ZiGate+ before update


Version 3.A0

  • Increase PDM capacity
  • Add more complete devices List
    • Add new structure (to enhance devices list)
  • Add new API
    • Add Binding Table API (0x0052 command)
    • Add Routing Table API (0x0053 command)
    • Add Get Network key API (0x0054 command)
  • Force route and lqi request to be more responsive
  • Fix datatype for reportable change
  • Fix zone enroll bug
  • Fix Extended debug
  • Backtrack with previous functions (v3.22) (about API and automatic repair - no longer useful)
  • Update new SDK 2.6.10
    • Improve PDM mechanism, stability and fix PDM errors
    • Improve OTA mechanism and support
    • Improve Zigbee compliant

Version 3.22

  • Add child table size function. Command 0x0052
  • Add delete PDM address map table function. Command 0x0051
  • Add automatic repair when 0x87 messages occurs. (This automatism delete adress map table and reset the ZiGate)
  • Enhance group capacity for ZiGate 5 to 16
  • Fix inconsistent datas with 0x8002 messages due to bad default response with ZDP packet
  • Fix 0x8b warning messages. increase the BroadcastTransactionTableSize from 9 to 18
  • Update new SDK 2.6.5
    • New error messages due to security fails

Version 3.21

  • Add 0x0b04 decodage
  • Add raw message when there are errors on write attribute command
  • Fix uint48 zcl values to the client
  • Fix for Xiaomi and Lumi devices which ask manufacture code (0x115f) whith node descriptor request
  • Fix BindGroup command
  • Fix manufacture code by default --> 0x1037

Version 3.20

  • Add updateReportableChange conversion function
  • Add HeartBeat command (to maintain TCP connection)
  • Fix conversion data type
  • Fix IASZONE to be more flexible
  • Fix Wiser endpoint
  • Fix RAW_MODE bug
  • Fix NwkSteering function
  • Fix getApduUsed() function in status message
  • Update new SDK 2.6.4

Version 3.1f

  • Fix sqn issue (used by domoticz)
  • Fix reactive flow control
  • Fix overflow on 0x8032 command

Version 3.1e

initial version