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Inventory of tools and infrastructure for genome data FAIRification

This is joint work between the FAIRgenomes project, the Netherlands X-omics initiative and the United against Metabolic Diseases (UMD) project

Semantic models and ontologies

For samples

For consents / data licenses

For data use conditions

For assays

For data processing

For phenotypes

For genomics data

For rare diseases

For genes/transcipts

For models, web databases

Maybe compare current data models used in different studies

So that we can see if we can align the design?

Tooling for FAIRification

Data & tool catalogues

Workflow systems

  • Galaxy: MyFAIR analysis
  • Taverna
  • Nextflow
  • Snakemake
  • WDL/Cromwell

Collaborative analysis environments

Data management

  • iRODS
  • LUMC API infrastructure (includes verification of metadata schemas and checksum checks)


Minutes Teleconferences

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