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This branch includes changes to UHD to make it working with Fairwaves UmTRX hardware.

Among other changes it includes ICAP and other assorted FPGA timing issues:

* Fix ICAP timing problems for UmTRX: the maximum clock rate for the ICAP module on the Spartan-6 FPGA is 20 MHz 
* Add a clk_icap to top level UmTRX design (13 MHz, 180 deg. phase clock generated by pll_clk.xco, a COREGEN module).
* Add pipeline registers pps signal in ./fpga/usrp2/timing/time_64bit.v
* Create ./fpga/usrp2/s6_icap_wb.v to clock Spartan-6 ICAP IP Core with clk_icap
* Modify ./fpga/usrp2/top/N2x0/u2plus_umtrx.v and u2plus_core.v to connect clk_icap (not connected for non-UmTRX designs)
* Change ISE tool settings based on smartXplorer parameters that meet timing and modify Makefile.UmTRX accordingly.


host/lib/usrp/dboard/db_lms.cpp - standard UHD description of UmTRX embedded dboard (including frequency range and so on).
host/lib/usrp/umtrx/* - implementation of UmTRX-specifix dboard interface and other classes.
host/lib/usrp/usrp2/usrp2_impl.hpp - common registration\detection functions shared with USRP2
host/lib/usrp/usrp2/usrp2_iface.hpp - also used in UmTRX
host/lib/usrp/usrp2/fw_common.h - place for shared protocol constants to communicate with ZPU
host/lib/usrp/umtrx/umtrx_impl.cpp - the place where SPI debug functions could be inserted into 
    so they are triggered upon multi_usrp init: for example reg_dump();

Insert your SPI debug calls into usrp2_impl.cpp, run make in host/build/utils/ and run following command to trigger debug:
./usrp_burn_mb_eeprom --key hardware 2>&1 > test.out

This command will not modify anything on dboard or LMS unless specifically asked to in usrp2_impl.cpp


If MAP fails when remaking the UmTRX FPGA bitstream under Ubuntu Linux for ISE v13.3 and below, define:


after sourcing the Xilinx settings and before issuing:

    make -f Makefile.UmTRX

Changes April 2014

The UMTRX repository builds against stock UHD HEAD as a runtime loadable module.
 * The host/ directory contains all files needed to build the loadable module.
 * The fpga/ directory contains all files needed to build the FPGA bin file.
 * the zpu/ directory contains all files needed to build the firmware bin file.

The host contains a missing/ folder for symbols missing from libuhd library.
These calls were declared in a public header, but not exported with UHD_API.
Someone should upstream a patch to the UHD maintainers.

The host contains a cores/ folder for configuring common FPGA cores
and interfacing with receive and transmit VITA streaming interfaces.
The cores are copied from mainline UHD and should be versioned with the FPGA code.

The host build installs umtrx_net_burner in the bin/ directory.
The umtrx_net_burner is the usrp2 net burner with umtrx support.

The host build installs a umtrx_test_chains executable into the bin/ directory.
The umtrx_test_chains utility is used to confirm configuration and communication
for each RX and TX VITA streaming interface and multi-channel/MIMO streaming.
The MIMO RX test fails when a small number of samples is specified (--nsamps=100).
(FIXME reason unknown)

Reimplemented db_lms.cpp as lms6002d_ctrl.cpp and lms6002d_ctrl.hpp files.
The lms6002d_ctrl class is directly instantiated inside the umtrx_impl constructor.
Previously dboard_iface.cpp had modifications to write identical values to both SPI_SS_AUX1 and SPI_SS_AUX1.
This modifcation was lost in the update and may need to be restored if deemed necessary.

The older u2plus_umtrx.v (non v2) has not been updated with the v2 changes and is currently unbuildable.

The UmTRX now support fast commands and timed commands through settings_fifo_ctrl.v
This includes fast and timed SPI which now hangs off the same fast setting bus.

The fpga core and top level are no longer ifdef'd from the old u2plus code.
The ifdefs and extraneous code not related to UmTRX has been removed.

The umtrx_core.v now has 3 major clock domains.
 * sys_clk - 104 MHz for the packet router and fifo signals
 * dsp_clk - 26 MHz for ADC/DAC, VITA time, VITA de/framer
 * fe_clk - 13 MHz for DSP chain and frontend corrections

The host master clock rate now reports 26 MHz for the tick_rate.

ADC/DAC signals are registered in the lms_clk without combinatorial logic
to guarantee that all signals are driven directly by the flops in the IOBs.

Updated fpga/timing/time_64bit.v which may have removed PPS pipeline changes.

Replaced packet_router.v with umtrx_router.v and umtrx_packet_dispatcher.v modules.
The new router supports ZPU, FIFO control port, quad RX DSP ports, and dual TX DSP ports.
The umtrx_packet_dispatcher uses VITA SID to determine the output destination.
The outgoing router mux may require buffering between RX VITA fifos and mux --
for worst case buffering when all four RX DSPs are streaming to the router.

The tx protocol framer has been expanded to frame up to 8 unique UDP destinations.
The protocol framer has its own dedicated settings bus on a dedicated wishbone slave.
Modified add_routing_header.v and gen_context_pkt.v to accept arbitrary framer destinations.

Created umtrx_rx_chain.v to contain ddc core, vita framer, and clock crossing.
Four instantiations exist in umtrx_core.v, with instance 2 and 3 commented out.
All instantiations are connected to the router, ADC lines, and frontend switch.
The RX frontend switch is configurable with the host's RX subdevice specification.
The host code has only been partially modified to support all 4 RX DSP chains.

Created umtrx_tx_chain.v to contain duc core, vita deframer, and clock crossing.
This module also contains the tx_frontend corrections module.
TX chains are hard-tied to a particular DAC bus -- no frontend switch.
However, the software API should support DSP selection via stream_args_t.

The RXIQSEL signals are not synchronized between LMS A and B.
If the RXIQSEL signals are used to drive a valid sample strobe,
then RX VITA time alignment will not be possible due to ambiguity.
Currently, the adc sample strobes are driven from a common sigal.

simple_gemac_wrapper.v was modified to have an axi_packet_gate in the eth transmit direction.
This guarantees thats a packet is 100% buffered before being sent out over ethernet.
This avoid in-packet underflow when the mac is fed from a slower clock domain.


Fairwaves version of the UHD drivers, tweaked to support Fairwaves UmTRX.



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