A flexible UI framework for MonoGame
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FairyGUI MonoGame SDK

A flexible UI framework for MonoGame, working with the FREE professional Game UI Editor: FairyGUI Editor.
Download the editor from here: en.fairygui.com

FairyGUI编辑器操作简单,使用习惯与Adobe系列软件保持一致,策划和美术设计师可以轻松上手。在编辑器即可组合各种复杂UI组件,以及为UI设计动画效果,无需编写任何代码。可一键导出到Unity、Cocos2dx、CryEngine、Havok Vision、MonoGame、Starling、 Egret、LayaAir、Pixi、Haxe、Flash等多个主流应用和游戏平台。


Get Started

Directory structure:

  • FairyGUI Source code of FairyGUI.
  • FairyGUI.Test Source code of test project.
  • UIProject UI project.

First Run: Double click FairyGUI.Test/Content/Content.mgcb, and then click build menu.