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FairyGUI is an open source project licensed with MIT, using completely free. However, if there is no financial support, maintenance and development of new features is not sustainable. You can sponsor in the following ways:

![](../../images/1502382527593.png) ![](../../images/1502382281589.jpg) **PayPal**

If you are a business operator and use FairyGUI in a commercial product, sponsorship of FairyGUI has a commercial benefit: it keeps your product healthy and actively maintained, and can help you in the FairyGUI community exposure, making it easier To attract FairyGUI developers.

If you are a business operator and use FairyGUI to develop a core product, I can also be a consultant. Contact me via QQ Or Email.

If you are a personal developer and enjoy the high development efficiency of FairyGUI, you can use donations to express your gratitude - for example, buy me a cup of coffee :)