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Please add support for this device: eReader (UA String) #620

hasanmerkit opened this issue Dec 14, 2022 · 0 comments

Please add support for this device: eReader (UA String) #620

hasanmerkit opened this issue Dec 14, 2022 · 0 comments


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hasanmerkit commented Dec 14, 2022

Device: Kobo eReader

Test page: (page is using ua-parser-js)

Current Result:

@hasanmerkit hasanmerkit changed the title Please add support for this Device Please add support for this device: eReader (UA String) Dec 14, 2022
smoroz added a commit to optimizely/ua-parser-js that referenced this issue Feb 3, 2023
* FIX: Wechat Desktop for Windows compatible with new version

* Move to check typeof for window for different envs

* Fix faisalman#413 Bug resulting Motorola model O

* Fix faisalman#367 faisalman#425 Detect Instagram in-app browser

* Add funding support links

* Fix faisalman#450 Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

* Fix faisalman#454 Improve Samsung detection

* Add Nintendo Switch

* Fix faisalman#366 Amazon Alexa Echo Show

* Fix faisalman#339 Add Weibo

* Fix faisalman#407 ZTE Nubia misidentified as Nextbook Tablet

* FIX: new wechat desktop's unsafe regex

* Fix faisalman#433 faisalman#434 Huawei devices

* Fix faisalman#475 Nokia version incomplete

* Fix faisalman#470 Identify Android TV as SmartTV

* Latest Xperia lineup

* Fix faisalman#430 Playstation 5

* Fix faisalman#449 Lenovo Tablet

* Casually save some bytes

* Fix faisalman#401 Rearrange the order of regexes to improve hit-rate performance

* Fix faisalman#427 - Trying GitHub Actions

* Change mocha reporter for CI

* Action doesn't work, should be under /.github/workflows folder perhaps

* Fix faisalman#438 Add Zebra devices

* Update README contents & structures

* Enforce maximum limit to user-agent input

* Move documentation upwards and..mAkE tHe LoG0 BiG99eR!!1!1!

* Add CDN links & insert npm fund

* Fix faisalman#422 Add ARMHF in CPU Arch detection

* Fix faisalman#279 Remap old Edge versions <= 44 as suggested by @mikemaccana @callaginn

* Fix faisalman#448 Add AT&T & Vodafone devices

* Fix faisalman#209 Add CHANGELOG

* Add Electron

* Simplify Huawei detection

* Release as 0.7.25

* Refine some OS detection

* Add new OS: Raspbian

* Add Device: Surface Duo

* Add some test cases for Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi

* Detect ARMEABI as ARM

* Casually save some bytes

* Refine some detection with more test cases

* Add new device.vendor: Vivo

* Fix faisalman#342 - Enforce all regexes to comply with safe-regex as a safeguard against possible ReDoS vulnerability

* Fix regexes that were marked as unsafe by safe-regex module

* Refine device detection with more test cases

* Add new device.vendor: Realme

* Release as 0.7.26

* Better tablet detection:
- Huawei MediaPad M/T
- Galaxy Tab SM-P
- Kindle Fire without Silk

* Better tablet detection:
- Fix lenovo phone / tablet detection

* Better tablet detection - Build.

* Better tablet detection:
- iPad using Facebook browser on some occasions
- More Huawei tablets
- Asus ZenPad Z8s (P00J)

* Small refactor

* Add new Engine & Browser: Flow

* Add new browser: Firefox Reality

* Add new device: Fairphone

* Add string check to setUA method

* Release as 0.7.27

* More test for latest phones with unique form factor (fold/flip/qwerty/swivel)

* Add new device & browser: Tesla

* Minor rearrangement

* More test for tablet devices

* Update contributor list

* Fix faisalman#492 LG TV WebOS detection

* Delete redundant code

* Refactor code: saving bytes towards 15KB minified

* Update readme: use https for demo link

* Test for Firefox UAs, add new browser: Klar, add new OS: Maemo


* Revert breaking fix faisalman#279 and release as 0.7.28

* Improve detection rule for Mac on PowerPC

* Improve device detection: categorize PDA as mobile

* Improve browser detection: Netscape with version

* Improve os detection: Windows Mobile without version

* Add new OS: HP-UX

* Add new browsers: Obigo, UP.Browser

* Add new device vendor: Roku


* Refine some OS detection


* Remove oldEdge map

* Replace `\s` with space, saving ~0,3KB

* ES3 compat-fix: remove trailing comma

* Improve device detection: Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, LG, OnePlus, ASUS, ZTE, Fairphone

* Improve CPU detection for ARM64

* Improve device detection: LG Android TV

* Add new OS: Android-x86, Deepin, elementary OS, GhostBSD, Linspire, Manjaro, Sabayon

User-Agent source:

* Fix faisalman#500 Sharp devices misjudged as Huawei devices

* Fix faisalman#506 - add test for Huawei ART-L29

* Fix faisalman#509 add support for Internet Explorer 8

* Create

A simple instruction for security researchers.

* Improve regex efficiency when trimming long ua string

* Add Huawei models

* Sony Xperia 1ii

* Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

* Add different oculus browser

* Oculus devices

* cleanup

* cleanup

* change to single line regex

* Enable to detect OPPO Reno5 A correctly.

* Securing the 0.7.x version (issue faisalman#536)

* Securing the 0.8.x version (issue faisalman#536)

* Securing the 1.x version (issue faisalman#536)

* feat: require the use of `===` and `!==`

* Update ua-parser.js

*  Use AST to verify whether regexes are safe

* Bump version 0.7.31

* Fix faisalman#559: Sony Xperia 1 III misidentified as Acer tablet

* Fix faisalman#533: Detect Sony BRAVIA as SmartTV

* Fix faisalman#562 - Xiaomi Mi CC9

* Fix faisalman#561 - Increase UA_MAX_LENGTH to 275

* pr feedback

* v100 tests

* Add support for HuaweiBrowser

* update readme

* package.json: specify the folders to include

* add KakaoTalk App, KakaoStory App regex

* Add Kakao App, Naver App

* Add iOS Naver, Kakao regex

* fix browser-test typo

* Add LinkedIn app.

* Rename 'HuaweiBrowser' to 'Huawei Browser'

* Fix faisalman#565 - Add new OS: HarmonyOS

* Fix faisalman#558 - WeGame mistakenly identified as WeChat

* Increase UA_MAX_LENGTH to 350

* Fix faisalman#532 - Detect Xiaomi Mi TV as smarttv

* Fix faisalman#513 - Add new browser: DuckDuckGo

* Fix faisalman#516 - Add Focus into list of possible

* ci: add GitHub token permissions for workflow

Signed-off-by: Varun Sharma <>

* fixed sony bravia smart tv, added sharp AQUOS TV

* Safari and Mobile Safari began to include commas in the minor version numbers.

* Fix faisalman#502 faisalman#580 : Add notice for desktop device type

* Refine small redundancy

* Fix faisalman#596 - Detect Galaxy Tab S8 as tablet

* Add test case

* improved documentation

* Bump version 0.7.32

* Add new browser: Cobalt

* Fix documentation

`` refers to a `parser.getResults` function, which does not exist. This PR corrects the function name to `getResult`.

* Support Panasonic Viera Smart TVs

* Support Panasonic 2018+ smart tvs

* Add test for panasonic 2020 smart tv

* Add test for panasonic SAT receiver

* Support Loewe Smart TVs

* Add tests for JVC smart tvs

* Support philips smart tvs

* Add samsung testcases

* Add support for TechniSAT TVs and SATs

* Fix faisalman#605 - Identify Macintosh as Apple device

* Remove unsafe regex in trim() function

`trim()` function contains a regular expression that is vulnerable to ReDoS but was uncaught by `safe-regex` module.

* Bump version 0.7.33

* Fix faisalman#557 faisalman#612 faisalman#629 - Update the changelog

* Fix faisalman#621 - Detect Oculus Quest Pro

* Utilize navigator.userAgentData as a fallback faisalman#588

* Improve Kakao/Naver detection + add test

* Fix faisalman#619 - Move Sharp up to be checked before Huawei

* Rearrange the recently added smarttv detection

* Fix faisalman#620 - Add new Device: Kobo

* Fix faisalman#601 - Detect Chrome OS without version

* Update manifest

* fix: Don't act as a jQuery plugin

* build: 0.7.24 custom version

* Rebuilt min versions


Signed-off-by: Varun Sharma <>
Co-authored-by: ruicong <>
Co-authored-by: David Annez <>
Co-authored-by: Faisal Salman <>
Co-authored-by: sUP <>
Co-authored-by: o.drapeza <>
Co-authored-by: liujunlve <>
Co-authored-by: Ziding Zhang <>
Co-authored-by: Paris Morgan <>
Co-authored-by: Ryohei Shima <>
Co-authored-by: chenhui9279 <>
Co-authored-by: sunny-mwx <>
Co-authored-by: Hans Ott <>
Co-authored-by: XhmikosR <>
Co-authored-by: KnifeLemon <>
Co-authored-by: Dante <>
Co-authored-by: JBYoshi <>
Co-authored-by: Varun Sharma <>
Co-authored-by: Jacky Choo <jackychoo@adly-macbook.local>
Co-authored-by: nabetama <>
Co-authored-by: kNoAPP <>
Co-authored-by: Mok <>
Co-authored-by: Oscar Becerra <>
Co-authored-by: Riley Shaw <>
Co-authored-by: Garrit Franke <>
Co-authored-by: Garrit Franke <>
Co-authored-by: smoroz <smoroz>
Co-authored-by: Spencer Wilson <>
Co-authored-by: Luis Rivas <>
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