Base on app-engine-starter but works outside google app engine
Python HTML JavaScript CSS


This is base on my app-engine-starter but works outside google app engine. Also note that I changed to and made the application variable so it works with appfog.

Summary of things::

lib/ - will hold your custom libraries, thirdparty libraries usually just go on root folder
models/ - all your endpoint messages and datastore models here
services/ - web services like cloud endpoints or your custom jsonrpc services
static/ - js/css/images and all other static files (templates for js html)
templates/ - jinja2 templates goes here
web/ - webpage handlers
tests/ - unit testing tests goes here - any configurable things on your project to easily edit later when you adjust things - all your routing needs for your url mapping to webpage handlers

Note that this is just a guideline, following it will just make life things easier when your app grows to hundreds of files.