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Encode pocsag messages to dump to a file
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Encode pocsag messages to dump to a file. This project is designed to make it easier to understand how pocsag works, with a heavily-commented implementation.

Takes input as a series of lines, one line per message.

Message format is as follows:


where address is an integer, and message is contents to be encoded.

Adds a random delay to the output feed of 1 to 10 seconds by default. This is configurable in pocenc.c near the bottom of the file by the MIN_DELAY and MAX_DELAY defines.

pocenc reads from stdin and writes signed 16 bit little-endian samples to stdout.

Example Usage

echo -e "1:hello\n2:world" | pocenc


pocenc doesn't rely on any dependencies but the C standard libraries. Use make to compile, or run your own C compiler manually.

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