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Verse of the Day

This is a tool developed for RiverRock Christian Fellowship to facilitate sending daily verses and messages. RCF does a yearly 40 Day event where this comes in handy. While this tool is a bit specialized to our needs, there were several bits I spent a good deal of time trying to workout so I decided to make the source available to others so who might want to do something similar.

I have written up more details about this tool on my blog.

This project was created to meet the need of of RCF, so it will most likely need a good deal of tweaking to be used elsewhere, but should be a good starting point.


clone this project then install the needed gems:

$ git clone
$ cd verse-of-the-day
$ bundle install

This project makes use of APIs for Twillio ( ), Google Docs, ESV Bible ( ), and MailChimp ( )

I currently run this on a Linux desktop with Ruby 2.2 using cron to schedule the daily runs.

Google Docs Setup

You will need to set up a google developers account., create a project and a client ID for native application. You will also need to create a spreadsheet with two pages, one for messages, and one for recipients.

MailChimp Templates

This tool assumes you have created a template with replace variables in curly brackets. Once the template is complete, you need to create a campaign using that template with everything set as if you are going to send it so it can be duplicated. MailChimp campaign duplication does not duplicate the content of a campaign, so you need to include it in your template. Using a duplicated campaign saves having to build one up from scratch, but the MailChimp API makes this possible.

Content from the spreadsheet can be injected into the campaign message by using a token like {row_name}. The token would be replaced with the value from column 'row_name'. Special tokens include {ESV:verse} and {ESVF:verse} which are replaced by the plain text ESV bible text and the html formated ESV bible text, respectively. The current code base expects a pretty basic template and can not handle variables in repeating sections in the template.

Phone Number Validation

Phone numbers are validated using the global_phone gem. To get a current copy of the validation rules, global_phone.json, see the gem docs.


Uses Google Docs, Twilio, ESV Bible, and MailChimp to support our 40 Day events with daily verses and messages




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