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npTuioClient is a TUIO client implemented as an NPAPI-based browser plugins. It allows you to pass TUIO messages to into Javascript environment inside your browser and therefore enables you to build a multi-touch Javascript application!

The plugin works by capturing TUIO messages and forward them as Javascript calls. When a touch event arrives, the plugin will call tuio_callback function with touch type, locations, and other data as parameters. Check the included example or TUIOjs to see how to use them.

This plugin is built on top of reacTIVision's TUIO client. It is also built as NPAPI-plugin so it will never work on Internet Explorer (unless it starts supporting the plugin architecture).


This plugin has only been tested on Mac OS X 10.7.5, but it is also known to work on Linux. The Visual Studio project is currently broken and hence this plugin will not work on Windows (unless somebody send me a patch :-)

If you work on Windows, please try the older version.




Go to the project directory and type make.

Mac OS X

Open the Xcode project and build. I use Xcode 4.6.3 under Mac OS X 10.7.5



Put the plugin file under ~/.mozilla/plugins.

Mac OS X

Put the plugin bundle npTuioClient.plugin under ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/.


Install the plugin, open one of the example files on your browser and start using your multi-touch display!

You can open multiple tabs or windows as long as they belong to the same browser instance. The plugin can't be used from multiple browsers at a time. This is because the TUIO Client library can only be started once at a time.